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REVIEW: Diana Krall Goes Retro Again (State Theatre/HTT)

Photo by Mary McCartney.

Diana Krall’s Turn Up the World tour kicked off in Minneapolis on Friday with a concert at the State Theatre. The concert featured Krall’s trademark husky alto vocals in standards drawn from the jazz repertoire and the Great American Songbook.

The tour shares a name with Krall’s just-released album, which parts ways with the pop direction of her last album, Wallflower (2015), to return to her vocal roots. It’s a welcome turn for many fans, and the evening certainly hit many sweet spots. It’s been eight years since Krall’s last standards album, although she’s been teasing fans for years with performances of standards on late night talk shows. While Wallflower and its tour were not without their charms, there was much more vocal shine on Friday.

Welcome back, Diana. The standards missed you.

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