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REVIEW: Gondoliers Gone Wild (GSVLOC)

Gondoliers Giuseppe Palmieri (Ryan Johnson) and Marco Palmieri (Michael Burton) with their maybe wives Tessa (Maggie Burr) and Gianetta (Blanka Melbostad) in GSVLOC’s The Gondoliers. The Gondoliers was only the fourth-most popular work in the Gilbert & Sullivan canon when it was written, as counted by the length of its original theatrical

PHOTOS: The Swanky Look of Grease (Chanhassen Dinner Theatres)

Chanhassen Dinner Theatres' new production of Grease features eye-popping costumes by the award-winning costume designer Rich Hamson. Hamson, who has 60 productions at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres under his belt, is a three-time Ivey Award recipient and was named Lavender Magazine's 2014 Theatre Artist of the Year and Best Large Theater Costume Designer. Here's a

WEEKEND PICKS: Grease, Gondoliers, Dinner at Eight, FOOR Folkz

Aleks Knezevich as Danny Zuko in Chanhassen Dinner Theatres' production of Grease. Photo by Bernadette Pollard. Winter windchill has returned to the Twin Cities again and darn it if there isn't a forecast of snow on Sunday. Here are some indoor entertainments to keep you distracted and warm this weekend. Retro Fun: Grease at

LIVE BLOG: The 24 Hour Plays

Necessity is the mother of invention – or, according to Bill Watterson's Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes, mothers are the necessity of invention. Starting this Sunday at 10 PM, a group of six directors, six playwrights, and 24 actors will test out both as they create and perform six plays in just 24 hours.

PREVIEW: Game of Thrones: The Live Concert Experience

A promotional rendering of Game of Thrones: The Live Concert Experience. Ask any Game of Thrones fan about what they like about the series and you'll get a laundry list. The riveting stories, love-to-hate-'em villains, heroic struggles, the music – and what music! Excerpts of the award-winning score by Ramin Djawadi are

TRAVEL: Lines, Precheck, and Global Entry

An advertising banner on the TSA website. Even before recent political events, US air travel had some problems with lines. TSA lines. They're not likely to get better while the federal government is in the middle of a hiring freeze. Almost a year after chronic understaffing and 2+ hour screening lines at