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REVIEW: TU Dance – TU Be…or Not (Ordway)

Saturday night’s performance by TU Dance at the Ordway in St. Paul showcased the company’s classical styling mixed with an edgy modern urban aesthetic. One goal of TU’s choreographers and dancers is to create original dance works that raise audience awareness of significant cultural issues and take on important social

REVIEW: Legendary Battlefield: The Brook Experience (Guthrie Theater)

The longest known poem in the world, the Mahabharata, contains more than 200,000 lines of verse. This epic poem is one of the most important works in Sanskrit, with an importance rivaled only by the relatively short Ramayana, which "only" contains about 24,000 lines. Jean-Claude Carriere's 9-hour theatrical adaptation of the Mahabharata, which was staged

REVIEW: Riveting Miranda Right (Illusion Theater)

Reed (Steve Hendrickson) and Miranda (Carolyn Pool) discuss CIA business in the Illusion Theater's Miranda. Miranda, an original play by James Still, had its world premiere last weekend at the Illusion Theater.  The premiere of an original play is an exciting event, providing insight into an issue the playwright has chosen

REVIEW: Crashing STOMP (Ordway)

Photo by Steve McNicholas. The performance of this year’s STOMP tour at the Ordway Center in St. Paul, met audience expectations, and then some. It is a most unique theatre experience, being a mix of dance, vaudeville, symphonic percussion, avant-garde theatre, performance art and musique concrète (music from found objects). Like

REVIEW: Queen (Heart of the Beast)

Photo by Bruce Silcox. A boy is shot on a neighborhood street in the midst of the inner city. He was shot and killed even though he had a grandmother who considered him to be her holy child. Her adorning love did not protect the child in that one, tragic moment. In