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REVIEW: Crashing STOMP (Ordway)

Photo by Steve McNicholas. The performance of this year’s STOMP tour at the Ordway Center in St. Paul, met audience expectations, and then some. It is a most unique theatre experience, being a mix of dance, vaudeville, symphonic percussion, avant-garde theatre, performance art and musique concrète (music from found objects). Like

REVIEW: Queen (Heart of the Beast)

Photo by Bruce Silcox. A boy is shot on a neighborhood street in the midst of the inner city. He was shot and killed even though he had a grandmother who considered him to be her holy child. Her adorning love did not protect the child in that one, tragic moment. In

REVIEW: Sinuous Pilobolus Dance Theatre Show (Ordway)

Pilobolus Dance Theatre presented five recent pieces and one older work from its repertoire in a performance last weekend at the Ordway.  With the possible exception of choreographers from the Judson Church Dance Theatre or the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Pilobolus presents the best avant-garde movement in modern dance.  It