NEWS: Performance Cancellations Across the Twin Cities

Performances across the Twin Cities have been cancelled yesterday and today as snowfall continues to blanket the Twin Cities. Minnesota Twins-Chicago White Sox games have also been postponed pending an improvement in the weather. One of the highlights of today's cancellations is the Downtown Choral Festival, which was scheduled to bring

REVIEW: Stirring Howl of The Wolves (Jungle Theater)

Michelle de Joya (#11) and Wolves teammates in the Jungle Theater's production of The Wolves. Photo by Dan Norman. Engrossing. Authentic. Astounding. The words aptly describe the Jungle Theater’s current production of The Wolves which opened last week. Playwright Sarah DeLappe’s play about a women's soccer team was one of last year’s

PREVIEW: Sex, War, and Syphilis (and More) Come to Minneapolis

Sex, War, and Syphilis are coming to Minneapolis. Technically, that should read is coming to, but really – do you want to debate grammar, or do you want to say, "WTF, mate – syphilis?" WTF, indeed: it turns out that St. Paul is to blame for giving Minneapolis Syphilis. This is clearly playwright Katherine