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REVIEW: emilie/eurydice (Transatlantic Love Affair)

Emilie (Heather Bunch) is cast by a car accident into the arms of the ensemble-cumliving set (Alex Hathaway and Derek Lee Miller). Photo by Jonathan Carlson.

Transatlantic Love Affair's emilie/eurydice is a difficult show to describe. This is not due to a particular complexity of plot – the scenario is fairly straightforward – but due to the impossibility of pinning what makes this show so moving on a single part. Many elements that by themselves might have

BLACK FRIDAY: Free Admission to Minnesota State Parks

Looking for a post-turkey slimmer? Want something to break up the eating? Take a trip to the outdoors and burn off that stuffing! Entrance fees to all 76 Minnesota state parks and recreation areas will be waived on Friday, Nov. 27. “There is a Minnesota state park within 30 miles of almost

OPINION: Attacks in Paris

By now, many of you have heard of the terrible terrorist attacks perpetrated in Paris. The crimes committed today are monstrous: suicide bombings and mass shootings – indiscriminate killings. The world is rightly horrified by what has taken place. All of those who have suffered losses today have our deep

REVIEW: The Night Alive (Jungle Theater)

Tommy (Stephen Yoakam) and Aimee (Sara Richardson). Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp.

There's a surprising amount of violence in The Night Alive, Conor McPherson's new play at the Jungle Theater, given that the piece is fundamentally a situational comedy. A bit of a black comedy at times, yes, but the show having a body count matching Sister Act is just one of the unexpected things

PREVIEW: The Circus Juventas Gala

If you missed Circus Juventas' sensational 1001 Nights show this summer, there's one more chance to catch it during one of fall's hottest society events: the annual Circus Juventas gala. Many local arts organizations have their galas in their performance or gallery spaces, but only Circus Juventas puts the action under the

PREVIEW: Walt Whitman, Puppets Invade Intermedia Arts

Do you like alliteration like Walt Whitman and puppets and poetry? Do you think that all of the above should be combined? If so, Intermedia Arts' upcoming Ode to Walt Whitman might be what you're looking for. This show by Bart Buch is billed as "an intimate puppet poem and cosmic dialogue between queer

FOR SALE: Music Box Theatre, Lightly Used

Is your company looking for a 400-seat theatre in Minneapolis? Can you pull off a $2 million fundraising drive? Were you alternately planning on buying a mansion on the shores of Lake of the Isles but would secretly like to have your bed onstage, like in the film Stage Beauty? If your