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The Ordway’s 2016-2017 Season

Oyate Okodakiciyapi. Photo by pauloTphotography. The Ordway Center for the Performing Arts announced its 2016-2017 seasons this evening with its annual festive celebration. The upcoming season includes a diverse mix of self-produced musicals, touring Broadway shows, world music concerts, dance performances, the Ordway's own Broadway Songbook concerts, and a variety of special

INTERVIEW: Director Shelli Place

Theatre Unbound's production of The How and the Why opened on Friday at the New Century Theatre. Director Shelli Place sat down with the Twin Cities Arts Reader's Basil Considine to discuss this play and her work. Part of Theatre Unbound's mission statement reads "providing audiences with engaging, rarely-seen perspectives on issues that are

REVIEW: C’est Belle! Beauty and the Beast à Chanhassen

Gaston (Aleks Knezevich) and company in CDT's 2016 production of Beauty and the Beast. Photo by Heidi Boehnenkamp. It's been 11 years since Chanhassen Dinner Theatres opened its original production of Beauty and the Beast. In the intervening decade, this adaptation of the classic Disney movie musical has appeared on Twin Cities stages via Broadway

RELAY: The Return of the Great Burger Battle

Harriet Island will play host to a grand new Burger Battle on May 21. The now-annual event fundraising event for the Sanneh Foundation was founded by Jim Buron just three years ago and has proved too delicious to give up; a $55 admission ticket gets all-you-can-eat burgers, beer and non-alcoholic beverages,

REVIEW: If/Then = Yes/But (Orpheum Theatre)

It's entirely possible that you'll leave If/Then (now playing at the Orpheum Theatre) without any certainty about what actually went on onstage. The basic schtick of this show is to play out the "what ifs" at different decision points, but it's not always clear where one version of events begins and ends. This