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INTERVIEW: Sam Graber on Creating mONSTER

On September 29, Swandive Theatre premieres Sam Graber's play mONSTER at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis. This play is set entirely in a college dorm room in August 1994, during what's billed as "the dark beginnings of the World Wide Web." Some of the play's themes include the mechanics of

REVIEW: SPCO’s Season Opener

The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra in a 2015 performance. Photo by Ash & James Photography. Sunday's SPCO concert began with a series of rambling and entirely unnecessary political remarks. It has become something of a fashion to use the podium in this manner, to which one might simply say that this

PHOTOS: Leslie Vincent at the Troubadour Wine Bar

Brian Pekol, Leslie Vincent, Emily Dussault, and Jordan Hedlund performing at the Troubadour Wine Bar in Minneapolis. Photo by Basil Considine. Uptown Minneapolis is gentrifying like crazy, but it still has a few comfortable, cozy spots to enjoy wine and music that won't make your ears bleed. One of these is

REVIEW: The David Bowie Tribute Show by Collins Live (Ordway)

What constitutes a tribute show? Is it be a full blown tribute with performers dressing and imitating the artist, such as The Fab Four’s imitation of the Beatles? Or is it another artist singing a collection of the artist’s song list similar to the tribute shows performed at the Chanhassen

PREVIEW: The 13th Annual Ivey Awards

A cropped version of Take a Bow, featuring Autumn Ness, Warren Bowles, Kevin Fanshaw, and Victor Zupanc; the full image is below. Photo by William Clark Photography. The 13th Annual Ivey Awards are coming to town. Next Monday, September 25, the annual event – fondly nicknamed "theatre prom" by local theatre practitioners

PREVIEW: Nuns Flocking Back to Chanhassen in Soaring Sister Act

Regina Marie Williams (center) as Deloris Van Cartier "blending in" at the convent in Chanhassen Dinner Theatres' 2015 production of Sister Act. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp. The Star Tribune's Graydon Royce said that Chanhassen Dinner Theatres' 2015 production of Sister Act "soared on the wings of Regina Marie Williams’ performance as nightclub