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PHOTOS: The Last Firefly (Children’s Theatre Company)

Boom (Ricardo Vazquez) and Lightning (Stephanie Bertumen) fight in The Last Firefly. Photo by Dan Norman.

Epic action might not be what you think of with children’s theatre, but even a cursory look at The Last Firefly (currently playing at the Children’s Theatre Company) will show you otherwise. Here’s a look at this striking play by Naomi Iizuka.

All photos by Dan Norman.

Boom (Ricardo Vazquez) and Kuroko (Joy Dolo) are stopped by Ax (Luvern Seifert).
Naomi Iizuka’s script and Eric J. Van Wyk’s stage design evoke the dramatic confrontations of wuxia films.
Ax (Luverne Seifert) gets the better of Boom (Ricardo Vazquez).
Lightning (Stephanie Bertumen) makes a dramatic appearance.
Sun Mee Chomet as Monkey.

The Last Firefly plays at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis through November 13, 2016.

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