REVIEW: The Trailer Park’s the Thing in Miss Richfield 1981’s Holiday Show (Illusion Theater)

Another year, another Christmas Carol, another Nutcracker, and...another installment of Miss Richfield 1981's annual holiday show. If you're near to the Twin Cities theatre scene and haven't seen Miss Richfield 1981 at an event, you've been deprived. This December drag show has a devoted following, a lot of people who come in by

PREVIEW: The Rose Ensemble’s Winter Garden

The Rose Ensemble. Photo by Michael Haug Photography. Winter weather may be here (hello, hail on Monday!), but the Rose Ensemble is still keeping things growing in these northern climates with a concert program entitled The Rose in Winter. This program, which will be presented December 15-18 in the Twin Cities and

REVIEW: Backstabbing Galore in The Lion in Winter

The cast of the Guthrie Theater's The Lion in Winter. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp. A dysfunctional and scheming family dynamic played out at a Christmas gathering is the premise of the latest Guthrie Show.  This family is the royal family of England, however, and the Christmas occurs in the 12th Century. 

PREVIEW: Returning The Crucible to its Origins (Theatre Coup d’Etat)

A 19th-century engraving depicting an episode in the Salem Witch Trials. The artist has moved the trial from its original church setting to a 19th-century courtroom. The basic narrative of Arthur Miller's 1953 play The Crucible is well-known: in colonial Massachusetts, a number of young women accuse other colonists of practicing witchcraft. Hundreds

REVIEW: Rockin’ Old-School Hip Hop Nutcracker (Ordway)

Photo by United Palace of Cultural Arts. At this point the official Hip Hop Nutcracker tour is rather like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Mannheim Steamroller, or the Bolshoi Ballet Nutcracker – you know exactly what you're going to get each year, and that's not such a bad thing. If you're not familiar with Hip Hop