REVIEW: Potted Potter Not Just for Harry Potter Buffs (Pantages Theatre/Hennepin Theatre Trust)

Harry Potter (left) and Professor Albus Dumbledore (right) prepare to battle dark wizardry in the Harry Potter mashup parody Potted Potter. Photo by Dahlia Katz. If you ever wondered how broadly Harry Potter cuts across demographics, look no further than the spread of ages at Potted Potter's opening night at the Pantages Theatre. The

REVIEW: The Wolves Comes Howling Back (Jungle Theater)

The cast of the Jungle Theater's reunited cast of The Wolves, now playing at the Southern Theater. A city wrapped in ice, haunted by a pack of wolves. Not normal wolves on the edge of human society, preying on the occasional sheep and staying in the shadows – these wolves defy the normal

INTERVIEW: Visualizing Unexploded Ordnances (UXO) and Nuclear War: A Chat with Claire Nolan (Guthrie Theater)

Peggy Shaw in the Split Britches production of Unexploded Ordnances (UXO), now playing at the Guthrie Theater. Photo by Matt Delbridge. When Joseph Haj started at the Guthrie Theater, he announced plans to reach and move audiences through the ambitious Level Nine Initiative. Three seasons later, the initiative has manifested in