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The Twin Cities Arts Reader reserves the exclusive rights to determine what organizations and events are covered by its staff. Our coverage is:

  • Designed to sample and highlight some of the richness and variety of arts and lifestyle activities, organizations, and opportunities available in our coverage area.
  • Founded on the principal of critical, informed journalism.
  • Geographically focused on the Twin Cities metro area (broadly conceived).

Although we occasionally run coverage on statewide issues and events beyond our core area, our coverage focus is exactly where our name suggests. The primary limiting factor behind what we do and do not cover is staff availability.

Coverage Requests and Press Releases

To solicit news or preview coverage from the Twin Cities Arts Reader, or to inform us about events and happenings with your organization, please send your press release, inquiry, and other materials to:

If submitting pictures, we recommend that the submitted image be a minimum of 3.1 megapixels (2048 pixels wide by 1536 pixels tall) in size, so as to allow for sufficient image quality, cropping, and resizing. 5-10 megapixel images are recommended. We encourage using cloud services such as Dropbox to deliver access to multiple images, to allow for greater selection. Images with branded text are usually unsuitable for journalistic use.

As a courtesy to the photographer, please clearly credit the photographer for any images that you submit.

Review Requests

As a general policy, the Arts Reader does not review shows for which free press access is not available, for which editorial control is not granted, or for which the requesting organization/individual claims ownership. (Fact-checking and member-checking interview transcripts are considered normal and appropriate, as is reviewing to screen for inadvertently disclosed information.) Our preference is to review opening night performances, rather than previews.

To request a review, or to inquire after a review published by the Twin Cities Arts Reader, email We request these courtesies for reviewing requests:

  • To offer two tickets (for the reviewer and a plus one) by default.
  • To offer a third ticket upon request to accommodate parents bringing a single child of reasonable age.
  • To offer flexibility on the reviewing day, should our staff not be available for opening night.

Reviewer Assignments

As a general policy, the Twin Cities Arts Reader reserves the right to send a reviewer of its choice to a specific production or event, and to change reviewing assignments to accommodate illness, family events, etc. Questions and concerns about reviewer assignments (and other personnel-related coverage matters) should be addressed to Hanne Appelbaum, Editor in Chief, at