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SET LIST: Lady Gaga at Xcel Energy Center

Lady Gaga rocked the Xcel Energy Center with her trademark costume-heavy, immersive performance. Here’s the set list from the concert:

Act I

  • “Video Intro”
  • “Diamond Heart”
  • “A-Yo”
  • “Poker Face”
  • “Perfect Illusion”
Some of the albums whose songs appeared in the concert.

Act II

  • “John Wayne”
  • “Scheiße”
  • “Alejandro”


  • “Horns”
  • “Just Dance”
  • “LoveGame”
  • “Telephone”

Act IV

  • “Claws”
  • “Applause”
  • “Come to Mama”
  • “The Edge of Glory”
  • “Born This Way”

Act V

  • “Cult”
  • “Bloody Mary”
  • “Dancin’ In Circles”
  • “Paparazzi”

Act VI

  • “Ambulance”
  • “Angel Down”
  • “Joanne”


  • “Paint”
  • “Bad Romance”
  • “The Cure”

Encore: “Million Reasons”

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