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PREVIEW: The Best Summer Ever! Yes? (Children’s Theatre Company)

Kevin Kling and Victor Zupanc “pondering” the Children’s Theatre Company production of The Best Summer Ever! Photo by Kaitlin Randolph.

It’s been a long time since Osseo native Kevin Kling’s autobiographical solo play Home and Away took him to New York City and back. It also went to a few other stops around the country – places you probably haven’t heard of, like Aspen, Seattle, and Charleston. Now, after a Minnesota winter that could be charitably called terrible, he’s preparing to open a new one-man show. The title could be read ironically, and is probably supposed to be read several ways: The Best Summer Ever!

The exact recipe for The Best Summer Ever! isn’t entirely clear, rather like a brochure for a summer camp in the pre-Internet age. There are promises of sing-a-longs, mosquito tales, and siblings learning to drive, and of at least one disaster tale. Liz Schachterle is providing animations, Victor Zuparc some songs, and Kevin Kling himself will be hosting and starring. There’s no word about who will be bringing the s’mores, but at least one accordion was spotted on the scene.

The Best Summer Ever! opens Friday, July 11 at the Children’s Theatre Company’s UnitedHealth Group Stage, and runs through July 29.

Ages 8 and up. 60 minutes.

Twin Cities Arts Reader