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PHOTOS: James Sewell Ballet’s Opera Moves

A quartet of dancers pose in a publicity photo for James Sewell Ballet’s upcoming fall show. Photo by Erik Saulitis.

This week, James Sewell Ballet returns to the Cowles Center in Minneapolis for a dance program mixing old and new. The company will showcase new works by Jennifer Hart and Eve Schulte, along with a return performance of Sewell’s Opera Moves. Here’s a glimpse at the show:

A pair of ballerinas on point. Photo by Erik Saulitis.
A dancer leaps into the air. Photo by Erik Saulitis.
Lift, balance, roll. Photo by Erik Saulitis.
Ripples of color across rippling muscle form a dynamic, visual canvas on dancers’ bodies. Photo by Erik Saulitis.
The company members pose in various costumes. Photo by Erik Saulitis.
Battle and courtship are common themes in dance, and sometimes hard to distinguish. Photo by Erik Saulitis.
Not your standard tutu. Photo by Erik Saulitis.

Opera Moves runs October 25-27 at the Cowles Center in downtown Minneapolis, MN.

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