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NEWS: Minnesota State Fair’s Best Awards (2021)

Evening attendees line up to enter the Minnesota State Fairgrounds during the nightly fireworks. Photo courtesy of the Minnesota State Fair.

The Minnesota State Fair announced today its official “Best” awards. Thirteen of the State Fair’s nearly 1,000 commercial exhibitors, concessions, attractions and food and beverage vendors received awards in a ceremony at the International Bazaar Stage.

The Best Awards were given by the State Fair’s General Manager Jerry Hammer to:

  • Angry Minnow Vintage – Sells a variety of vintage custom apparel and accessories. (Located at West End Market)
  • Baba’s – Features a variety of unique hummus bowls. (Located on the east side of Underwood Street just south of Little
    Farm Hands)
  • Bailey Builds – Creates new and reclaimed wood art mosaics. (Located on the south side of Judson Avenue outside the Lee
    & Rose Warner Coliseum)
  • Gopher State Expositions and the Equinox – (This ride is located at Mighty Midway)
  • GoServ Global – Nonprofit organization that provides modified grain bins as housing and other shelter in areas recovering
    from disasters. (Located on the west side of Underwood Street between Wright & Dan Patch avenues)
  • Hanging Garden – Sells hand-crafted terrariums and other plant accents. (Located at the International Bazaar)
  • The Hideaway Speakeasy – Features artisan sandwiches, wine and more. (Located in the Veranda Grandstand upper level,
    northwest section)
  • Kim O’s Concession and Lean & Toss – (This game is located at Mighty Midway)
  • Latitude Studios Co. – Repurposes shipping containers into unique and functional spaces. (Located on the north side of
    Judson Avenue, just east of Liggett Street)
  • Rutana’s Hot Apple Dumplings – Sells hot apple dumplings with ice cream. (Located on the north side of Randall Avenue
    between Cooper & Cosgrove streets, outside the Progress Center)
  • Solem Concessions Cheese Curds & Mini Donuts – Sells blueberry mini donuts, Cajun-flavored cheese curds and more.
    (Located on the east side of Underwood Street, just south of Murphy Avenue)
  • Tinsley Amusements and Charlie Chopper – (This ride is located at Kidway)
    Waterstone Fire Tables – One of the 13 participants in the fair’s Adopt-a-Garden program. (Located on the east side of
    Liggett Street outside the Sheep & Poultry Barn)

According to the State Fair, these recipients were selected because they exemplified five characteristics:

  • Provide exceptional, efficient customer service and an outstanding experience for fair guests;
  • Knowledgeable staff with positive attitudes who are courteous, thoughtful and professional;
  • An amazing visual presentation and positive image;
  • Present a premium quality product/service; and
  • Offer great value.

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest and best-attended expositions in the world, attracting more than 2 million
visitors annually. Showcasing Minnesota’s finest agriculture, art and industry, the Great Minnesota Get-Together is 12 Days
of Fun Ending Labor Day. The fair is a quasi-state agency that is self-supporting and has not received state government
funding of any kind since 1949.

The 2021 Minnesota State Fair runs Aug. 26 through Labor Day, Sept. 6.

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