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PREVIEW: Chris Botti at The Dakota, 10/27-10/29

Genre-bending trumpeter Chris Botti in concert.

Chris Botti has been at this for a very long time: the pure trumpet sound, performing a
variety of genres: soft jazz, pop, classical, and more. He was already famous for his work with
Paul Simon and, especially, with Sting, before starting his solo career. By one count, Botti has
sold over four million records. He has been touring regularly most of his adult life, first as a
supporting musician, for performers like Sting, and then as a featured act (with many supporting
musicians of his own, which he works to showcase in his concerts). For a long time, he was on
the road so constantly, that he did not own a home; he simply moved from city to city, from hotel to hotel.

Most of the time, Botti plays larger concert halls. On recent tours, he has made a handful
of exceptions, playing some famous smaller venues, like the Blue Note in New York City (where
he performs for a full month) and also The Dakota here in Minneapolis. He will be at The
Dakota for two evening shows on Friday, 10/27 and Saturday, 10/28, and a matinee and an
evening show on Sunday, 10/29.

Chris Botti with his trumpet.

One might not associate Botti with Miles Davis – Botti’s presence on the stage is cheerful
and upbeat in a way Miles’ never was — but there are many similarities, from the pure beautiful
tone on the trumpet on many pieces, to the melancholy in Miles’ playing (a musical mood that
Botti has conceded trying to emulate). One also notes the Miles composition, “Flamenco
Sketches” on his 2009 Live in Boston album, and the way his version of “Summertime” on the
2019 “Impressions” tracks Miles’ version.

A new album on the Blue Note label, Vol. 1, is coming out on October 20. It includes
standards such as “My Funny Valentine” and “Someday My Prince Will Come,” but also more
modern works, like Coldplay’s “Fix You”. A song already released from that album, “Old
Folks”, shows Botti’s sound as smooth as ever.

It should be a wonderful set of shows at The Dakota. For lovers of jazz or just lovers of music, it is not to be missed!

Brian Bix