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NEWS: Pop Culture Stars in MN-DOT’s Snowplow Class of 2024

A word collage showing the names of the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s newest snowplows, as decided by a public vote with more than 32,500 respondents.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has announced its Class of 2024 snowplow-naming contest winners. In characteristic fashion, the winners of this public voting contest are a reflection of the North Star State’s taste for winter humor, currents in popular culture, and deep roots.

Notably, District 8 (Southwest Minnesota) – home to the Upper Sioux Community and Lower Sioux Indian Community – is now the standard-bearer for MN-DoT’s first snowplow with a Dakota name, Waipahinte (“Snowplow”). Other snowplow names pun off the names of pop culture stars such as Dolly Parton, Beyonce, Taylor Swift; films and film franchises (Fast and FlurriousBarbie’s Dream Plow); and more.

The winners, sorted by the district to which they are assigned, are:

Dolly Plowton

District 1 (Northeast Minnesota)

Taylor Drift

District 2 (Northwest Minnesota)

Clark W. Blizzwald

District 3 (Central Minnesota)


District 4 (West Central Minnesota)

Barbie’s Dream Plow

District 5/Metro District (Twin Cities)

You’re Killin’ Me Squalls

District 6 (Southeast Minnesota)

Fast and Flurrious

District 7 (South Central Minnesota)

Waipahinte (Dakota word for “snowplow”)

District 8 (Southwest Minnesota)



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