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OPINION: Attacks in Paris

By now, many of you have heard of the terrible terrorist attacks perpetrated in Paris. The crimes committed today are monstrous: suicide bombings and mass shootings – indiscriminate killings. The world is rightly horrified by what has taken place. All of those who have suffered losses today have our deep and abiding sympathies for the terrible acts and losses that have taken place.

We are not afraid of those who believe differently than we do. We hold that all men and women are created equal, with equal rights to express their beliefs, practice their region, and live their lives that do not harm others. To you who stand with those who have committed mass murder: Your ideas will not defeat ours. The world is against you, and the wrongs that you have done will close every door against you. You cannot change our way of life – but you have condemned and destroyed yours.

-The Staff of the Twin Cities Arts Reader

Twin Cities Arts Reader