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BLACK FRIDAY: Free Admission to Minnesota State Parks

Looking for a post-turkey slimmer? Want something to break up the eating? Take a trip to the outdoors and burn off that stuffing! Entrance fees to all 76 Minnesota state parks and recreation areas will be waived on Friday, Nov. 27. “There is a Minnesota state park within 30 miles of almost everyone,” said Erika Rivers, director of Minnesota State Parks and Trails. “So no matter where you live or celebrate Thanksgiving, the restorative power of nature is always nearby.”



Hanne Appelbaum

Hanne Appelbaum is the Editor of the Twin Cities Arts Reader. She was born in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and moved to the Twin Cities to take up a career as a classroom paraprofessional. She is the mother of three children, an enthusiastic educator, and a passionate fan of dance in all of its forms. She enjoys ice skating, Game of Thrones (books over HBO, but who's counting), and restaurant dives.