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The Look of The Shining

Minnesota Opera’s The Shining returns on Thursday to the stage of the Music Theater at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. Here’s a detailed look at the opera’s visual spark. What goes into this? Some of the key players in crafting the opera’s look were stage director Eric Simonson, choreographer Heidi Spesard-Noble, scenic and properties designer Erhard Rom, lighting designer Robert Wierzel, and 59 Productions, which produced animation projections. In the theatre itself, these visual elements are enhanced by C. Andrew Mayer’s atmospheric and special effect sound design.

Here’s a look at how each of these elements combine onstage (all photos by Ken Howard):

24 - SHINE_4770a

1 - SHINE_2565a

11 - SHINE_3709a

23 - SHINE_4628a

22 - SHINE_2244

21 - SHINE_4514a

7 - SHINE_3350a

5- SHINE_3247a

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