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PREVIEW: Queer Voices Season Finale

Most organizers don’t set out to create an institution that will last for a long time. Instead, when a good cause is being pursued, energy and momentum take over, and then—BAM—you wake up and find things have gone on much longer than you dreamed.

Whatever the start, the reading series Queer Voices has been doing something right, as the series has hit decade mark…and is the longest running series of its kind in the United States. Curators John Medeiros and Andrea Jenkins declined to celebrate with any rest, instead programming an expansive and ambitious list of activities to celebrate the series’ 10 years. Now, as the 10th Anniversary season comes to a close, Intermedia Arts is bringing things to a close with a standout showcase reading featuring all of the readers who took part in the season’s events:

  • Jessie Chandler,
  • Chelsey Clammer,
  • Venus DeMars,
  • Ben French,
  • Julie Gard,
  • Christina Glendenning,
  • Rachel Gold,
  • Andrea Jenkins,
  • Ellen Krug,
  • Raymond Luczak,
  • Oskar Ly,
  • Nikolas Martell,
  • John Medeiros,
  • Nasreen Mohamed,
  • Michael Moore,
  • Paul Canada Nemeth,
  • Gary Peter,
  • Trina Porte,
  • Sonic Rain,
  • William Reichard,
  • Savannah Schneider,
  • Bradford Tice,
  • Christine Marie, and
  • Chardenai.

This all-star series comes to a close with an evening starting at 7 pm on Tuesday, June 28, at the Minneapolis Central Library. A donation is suggested of $5-$25.

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