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Fringe File #6: The Final Show List

A promotional picture for the Fringe show My Uncanny Valley. Pictured: Amahna McCall.

One of the dynamic aspects of the Minnesota Fringe Festival is that the lineup continues to change even right before the festival opens as shows are rewritten or written from scratch. Just last week, a late dropout was replaced by Green Sea Productions’ Abreast of Burlesque.

Here’s the final lineup:

Show Name Company Name Credit Credit Name Category Venue
(Dis)connect Eclectic Otter Productions Created by Windy Bowlsby Something different U of M Barker Center for Dance
55 Minutes of Sex, Drugs and Audience Participation Loren Niemi Created by Loren Niemi Something different Ritz Theater Studio
A Good Ol’ Fashioned Presidential Debate [Of The Top Six 4th-Party Candidates In America Today] Damn You Banana Productions Directed by Nathaniel Turner Comedy Phoenix Theater
A Mariokart Named Desire Melanistic Squirrel Written by Bryn Tanner Musical theater Strike Theater
A Pie. A Duck. And a Shoe. Sparkle Theatricals Created by Alejandra Iannone and Rick Ausland Something different The Southern Theater
A Study in Emerald Conundrum Collective Written by Neil Gaiman Drama Intermedia Arts
Abreast of Burlesque Green Sea Productions Something different HUGE Theater
AfterLife SunsetGun Productions Written by Candy Simmons & Chris Van Strander Drama Intermedia Arts
Airbags Rebecca Sandell Written by Rebecca Sandell Comedy U of M Rarig Center Arena
AirD&D MDK Productions Written by Michael Krefting and Brian Scot Johnson Comedy U of M Rarig Center Arena
All Night Check: Beautiful Young Ladies to Perform for You The Wandering Uterus Project Something different U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
An Accidental Organist David Boyle Written by David Boyle Something different Ritz Theater Studio
An Imaginary End Michael Rogers Created by Michael Rogers Something different The Southern Theater
And To Think That I Saw It At 221B Baker’s Street Rooftop Theatre Company Created by John Newstrom & Tim Wick Comedy The Southern Theater
Apple Picking Ben San Del Presents Created by Ben San Del Comedy Ritz Theatre Mainstage
Assemblé Minneapolis Ballet Dancers Dance U of M Barker Center for Dance
Babylon Revisited Abas Theatre Company Written by F Scott Fitzgerald Drama Ritz Theatre Mainstage
Ball: A Musical Tribute To My Lost Testicle The Catalysts Created by Max Wojtanowicz Musical theater The Southern Theater
Becoming Inga David Mann Created by Colleen Kruse and David Mann Something different U of M Rarig Center Arena
Bezubaan: The Voiceless Bollywood Dance Scene Created by Bollywood Dance Scene Musical theater U of M Rarig Center Thrust
Bird of Seven Colors Erin Sheppard Presents Directed by Erin Sheppard Dance U of M Barker Center for Dance
Bobby Crossfire: American Acehole Swing and a Miss Created by Justin Feit and Brady Mueller Comedy Phoenix Theater
Break Your Heart One T Productions Written by Scot Moore Something different Intermedia Arts
Broken English, Mother Tongue. minnerican productions Written by Javier Morillo Something different Bryant-Lake Bowl
BUSted Surprise Me! Productions Created by Vickijoan Keck & Surprise Me! Productions Something different U of M Rarig Center Arena
Caucasian Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales Fearless Comedy Productions Written by Duck Washington Comedy Theatre in the Round
Celebrity Book Club Outlandish Productions Written by Jimmy LeDuc, Dan Hetzel, and Sulia Rose Altenberg Comedy Theatre in the Round
Celebrity Exception Giant Giraffe Written by Katherine Glover Comedy HUGE Theater
Circus McGurkus Mike’s Brass Choreographed by Erinn Leibhard Dance U of M Barker Center for Dance
COUGAR-OKE the improvised soap opera with music Casting Spells Productions Created by The Entire Cast Comedy Strike Theater
Couple Fight II: Friends and Family Weggel-Reed Productions Created by Anna Weggel-Reed Comedy Theatre in the Round
Damned If You Do Schroedinger’s Dog Written by Kelvin Hatle Comedy Playwrights’ Center
Darlings Animal Engine Created by Carrie Brown and Karim Muasher Drama Ritz Theatre Mainstage
Don Quixote Windmill Company Written by Connor M. McEvoy Comedy Theatre in the Round
Egregious Errors By The Writers of WriterRung Got It Made Productions Comedy Mixed Blood Theatre
Electric Sun Speck of Dust Directed by Logan Toftness Drama Ritz Theatre Mainstage
Evil Twin Ilana Kapra Productions Created by Billie Jo Konze and Ilana Kapra Comedy Ritz Theater Studio
Flying Solo: A Chronicle from the Absolute at Large and Saving Our Superman Cloud Leigh Productions Directed by Jennifer Tuder Something different Ritz Theater Studio
Fool’s Medicine Theatre of Fools Created by Lloyd Brant Comedy Mixed Blood Theatre
For Worse Theatre Unbound Written by Anne Bertram Comedy Mixed Blood Theatre
Four Duets & One More DA Dance Choreographed by Denise Armstead Dance U of M Barker Center for Dance
Frame Works Classical Mechanics Choreographed by Margaret Marinoff Dance U of M Barker Center for Dance
From the Ground Up Trifecta Dance Collective Choreographed by Krissie Odegard Geye and Carrie Patterson Dance U of M Barker Center for Dance
Fruit Flies Like a Banana: Alphabetical Disorder The Fourth Wall Created by The Fourth Wall Something different U of M Rarig Center Thrust
Full Heart Living LIVE! The Boot Camp Experience Cosmos Theater Created by Tom Glaser and Nicole Marie Wilder Something different Bryant-Lake Bowl
Game of Thrones: The Musical Really Spicy Opera Created by Basil Considine Musical theater Ritz Theatre Mainstage
Genesis//Revelations SB Movement Choreographed by Sydney Burch Dance Playwrights’ Center
Gilligan: A Tropical Musical Literally Entertainment Productions Created by Literally Entertainment Productions Musical theater Mixed Blood Theatre
Golmah Cialuna’s Storydance Theatre Created by Cia Sautter Dance Intermedia Arts
Good Friday With Dillinger LookBack Productions Directed by Shalee Coleman Drama U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
Grand Theft Autobiography Fortune’s Fool Theatre Written by Daniel Pinkerton Comedy Strike Theater
Grandma Bernice Tells All Homeward Bound Written by Kristine Malm Holmgren, Minnesota Playwright Comedy Playwrights’ Center
Gray Wolves – a gerotranscenDANCE Michele Rusinko Dance Choreographed by Michele Rusinko and dancers Dance U of M Barker Center for Dance
H.P. Lovecraft’s The Rats in the Walls Ghoulish Delights Directed by Tim Uren Drama Mill City Museum
Happenstanced Pipermonkey Written by Allegra J Lingo Something different U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
Hazard Presence Written by Megan Burns Drama Strike Theater
Home: The Place Where My Stuff Resides Red Dice Collective Written by Vinecia Coleman Drama HUGE Theater
Hostil Watching The Drollery Created by Matthew Alto Drama HUGE Theater
I (Heart) Brains: An Original Musical Desperate For Approval Productions Created by Elizabeth Eccher, Marino Eccher, Carissa Carroll and Troy Clintsman Musical theater U of M Rarig Center Thrust
If Only: Parallel Worlds Collide at HarMar Mall Society for the Preservation of Gravity Written by Kara Garbe Balcerzak Drama Theatre in the Round
In The Time of Spies Ferrari McSpeedy Theatrical Productions Created by Joe Bozic and Mike Fotis Comedy U of M Rarig Center Thrust
It Always Rained in Paris Theatre Corrobora Written by Hailey Colwell Drama Phoenix Theater
It Came From UUFO OAFtrax Created by Jeffery Goodson, Barry Shay, Patsy Puckett Comedy U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
It is so ordered: The Supreme Court’s Greatest Hits American Civic Forum Created by Matthew Foster Something different Intermedia Arts
Itch Three Knives Written by Tyler Olsen Something different U of M Rarig Center Thrust
Kicking’ It Irish O’Shea Productions Created by O’Shea Productions Dance Ritz Theatre Mainstage
Know Your B-Movie Actors The Miller Conspiracy Written by Derek Lee Miller Comedy HUGE Theater
Lazy Eyed Geek The Theatre Cosmic Created by Brandon Taitt Drama Strike Theater
Letters W.A.R. Theatre Created by Michael Johnson and Elliott Heerman Drama U of M Rarig Center Arena
Lewis/Clark Rhymes with Montana Written by Tyler Mills Something different Phoenix Theater
Life, Beautiful Jolene Konkel Dance Collective Choreographed by Jolene Konkel Dance U of M Barker Center for Dance
LIVER ChriSTARpher Written by Christopher Plakut Comedy Playwrights’ Center
Living With Roaches Garlic Created by GARLIC Artists Comedy Ritz Theater Studio
Lockdown Agile Rabbit Theatre Written by Samson Perry Drama Phoenix Theater
masc4masc Perfect Chair Productions Written by Paul Fosaaen and Joel Swearingen Musical theater U of M Rarig Center Arena
Mead Hall Tedious Brief Productions Written by Greer, Tallen, and Watson-Jones Comedy U of M Rarig Center Thrust
Merkur and Venera Lunar Autumn Theatre Written by Evan Peterson Drama U of M Rarig Center Arena
Midwest Pretty Dog Medicine Created by Amie Durenberger, Leah Isaacson, Neil Pearson, Spencer Retelle & Isaac Witty Comedy U of M Rarig Center Arena
Mother’s Milk InnerVoice Created by Katherine Engel Something different U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
My Uncanny Valley Olly’s Room Directed by Demetre Papageorgiou Something different Strike Theater
No Disrespect, Just Saying SaMi Productions Directed by Dana McConnell Comedy U of M Rarig Center Arena
No Limits Renew Hope Created by Nikki Abramson, Sara Truesdale, and Gizelle Erickson Drama Ritz Theater Studio
NOW OR LATER NEW EPIC THEATER Directed by Joseph Stodola Drama The Southern Theater
Of Something Human Present State Movement (Tamara Ober) Created by Tamara Ober and dancers Something different Intermedia Arts
Oh snap! my alien children are trying to kill me Zm3 productions Created by Zell Miller, III Comedy Bryant-Lake Bowl
On the Road to Verona MN SkyVault Theatre Co. Created by The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company Comedy U of M Rarig Center Thrust
One Man’s Journey through the Middle Ages Third Act Productions Created by Judah Leblang Comedy Playwrights’ Center
Orpheus and Eurydice Garden of Song Opera Written by Christoph Willibald Gluck Musical theater Mixed Blood Theatre
Our Dysfunctional Year Minnesota Shorts Directed by Franklin Heller Comedy Strike Theater
PENELOPE Savage Umbrella Created by Savage Umbrella Something different Matthews Park Picnic Area
Pistachios Uncommon Loons Created by Nathan Bergstedt and John Schroeder Drama HUGE Theater
Pluck, Cluck, and Dumb Luck Tall Tales Productions Written by Christy Eichers Comedy Bryant-Lake Bowl
Portrait of the East River First Tooth Created by Molly-Margaret Johnson Something different Theatre in the Round
Preparations B.D. Schmiegel Written by Michael Burton Musical theater Ritz Theatre Mainstage
Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope Wayward Theatre Company Directed by Sarah Nargang Something different HUGE Theater
Restless Beat: A BIG DRUM Musical Twiggle T Productions Written by Tracey Cramer-Kelly Musical theater The Southern Theater
Ricochet Movement by RUTH Created by Ruth Glaeser Dance U of M Barker Center for Dance
RUNE Vox Medusa Created by Vox Medusa Something different Intermedia Arts
Satan Causes Your Poop to Stink! RPD Productions Created by Reverend Pat D Something different Bryant-Lake Bowl
Seeing Self Eduardo Productions Directed by Nathan Eckstein Something different Ritz Theater Studio
Shaken – and Stirred Jawaahir Dance Company Choreographed by Cassandra Shore Dance Intermedia Arts
Skywatch! Or the unofficial official investigation of possible alien landings on a small mid-western wheat field Blue Moon Theatre Company Written by Lawrence Ripp Comedy Phoenix Theater
Sleeper Al-Bahira Dance Theater Created by Mirah Ammal Dance Intermedia Arts
SmashHammer: The Heavy Metal Musical Featuring the Heavy Metal Stylings of the Heavy Metal Band, SmashHammer SMASH HAMMER Directed by Joe Johnson Musical theater The Southern Theater
Smitten by the Kitten WaHi Productions Written by Kristin Froberg Drama Bryant-Lake Bowl
Snow Country Minnehaha Productions Written by Carmen Angelica & Emily Schmidt Comedy Theatre in the Round
So Bright the Night Hey Rube Created by Marcus Anthony Drama Strike Theater
Sock Hops, Recorders, and Owl Pellets: Tips on Surviving the 4th Grade Caffeinated Productions Written by Christopher Cartwright Comedy U of M Rarig Center Arena
Sometimes There’s Wine Shanan Custer & Carolyn Pool Created by Shanan Custer & Carolyn Pool Comedy Theatre in the Round
Sons of Swayze Notorious PKG Created by Peter Gilbert Comedy U of M Rarig Center Thrust
Suite Surrender PZ Productions Directed by Piper Shatz-Akin and Zach Christensen Comedy U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
Surge The Rose Theatre Written by Chris Stezin Drama Playwrights’ Center
Take Talkback Six Four Six One Productions Directed by Brad Erickson Comedy Ritz Theatre Mainstage
Terror On The High Seas The Adventures of Les Kurkendaal Created by Les Kurkendaal Comedy Bryant-Lake Bowl
The Abortion Chronicles The Red Letter Society Created by Ariel Leaf, Ruth Virkus and Ben Layne Something different Theatre in the Round
The Adventures of Crazy Jane and Red Haired Annie: Adventure stories for grown-ups Laura Packer, storyteller Created by Laura Packer Something different HUGE Theater
The Cast was Dyed The Prime Time Players Created by Don Cosgrove Comedy Playwrights’ Center
The Chair-Builders Catalog Models Created by Gemma Irish and Mark Sweeney Drama Phoenix Theater
The Clock That Fell Off The Mantle Morally Ambiguous Created by Taylor Fischer & Samantha Smith Drama Playwrights’ Center
The Deluded…a light comedy Pennywick Written by Sheila Path-McMahon & Jay McMahon Comedy U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
The Disillusionist Stunt Theater Created by Neal Skoy Comedy Strike Theater
The Exclusion Zone! Martin Dockery Created by Martin Dockery Comedy Ritz Theatre Mainstage
The Fever Patrick O’Brien Written by Wallace Shawn Drama Phoenix Theater
The Final Tubby Bye-Bye Play-dot Created by Play-Dot Something different U of M Rarig Center Thrust
The Gospel of Sherilyn Fenn HT Productions Written by Brad Lawrence Comedy HUGE Theater
The Gun Show IDIC Theatreworks Directed by Kevin T. Houle Drama Strike Theater
The History of (my) Dance Smiling Lune Created by Kalila Indivar Something different Intermedia Arts
The ImproVoice Double-Blind Productions Directed by Eric Thompson Musical theater The Southern Theater
The Invention of Baseball Beckettian Donuts Directed by Thomas M Buan Musical theater Phoenix Theater
The Jackpot Hour With(out) Jack Power Paper Soul Written by J. Merrill Motz Comedy U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
The Last Late Night Show on Earth On Tenterhooks Productions Written by Elizabeth Ess Comedy Bryant-Lake Bowl
The Last Red Shirt Expensive Wino Productions Created by Expensive Wino Productions Comedy Theatre in the Round
The Life of Charles Schulz History Comes To Life Created by Brad Erickson Drama Phoenix Theater
The Lost Anklet – Therukkoothu Minnesota Tamil Sangam Directed by Sachidanandhan Venkatakrishnan Drama The Southern Theater
The Lounge-asaurus Rex Show with Lounge-asaurus Rex! (featuring Lounge-asaurus Rex) Tom Reed Created by Tom Reed Comedy Theatre in the Round
The Most Dangerous Game Sheep Theater Created by Sheep Theater Comedy The Southern Theater
The Non-Producers TROMPE L’OEIL Written by Kevin Bowen Comedy U of M Rarig Center Thrust
The Not-So-Silent Planet: A Speculative Storytelling Show Word Sprout Directed by phillip andrew bennett low Something different U of M Rarig Center Arena
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King Jeremy Terry Productions Written by Brendan Jones Drama Ritz Theatre Mainstage
The Pioneer: AKA The Funnyman Bearwolf Productions Created by Clint Allen Comedy Intermedia Arts
the place between two somethings Created by Annie Galloway, Autumn Ike, Ben Kolis, Malia Yang, Rob Ward Something different Playwrights’ Center
The Plucky Rosenthal Show Showsenthal Productions Created by Alisa Rosenthal Comedy Bryant-Lake Bowl
The Pound: A Musical for the Dogs Imagined Theatre Written by Phil Darg and Jules Darg Musical theater Mixed Blood Theatre
The Real World Fringe Festival Trusty Paper Ship Written by Annie Scott Riley Comedy Mixed Blood Theatre
The Right Words: Stories of Justice Served and Justice Thwarted Story Arts of Minnesota Created by Story Arts of Minnesota Something different Ritz Theater Studio
The Story of You and Me Lady Z Productions Created by Maureen L. Bourgeois Drama SpringHouse Ministry Center
The Yeti Siege Perilous Films Created by James Buffington Comedy Mixed Blood Theatre
Theatre Forever’s The Accident Book 7 Hornets Theatre Directed by Jon Ferguson Comedy Ritz Theatre Mainstage
There’s No Coffee in Heaven Jayme Allen Written by Jayme Allen Comedy Ritz Theater Studio
To Kill a Minnesotan Foxhill Studios Created by JL Charrier Drama The Southern Theater
Trump: A Musical Tale Clevername Productions Directed by Alexander Gerchak Musical theater Mixed Blood Theatre
Trump’s America (It’s Hell) F.E.A.R. Productions Created by Elliot Stevenson Drama Mixed Blood Theatre
Twice Its Time Productions Written by Chris Andersen & Lee Lawing Drama Playwrights’ Center
UBU TRUMP Trouveres Theatrics Created by Trouveres Theatrics Something different HUGE Theater
Unsafe at Any Speed Michael Merriam Written by Michael Merriam Something different Bryant-Lake Bowl
Vegtables Got it Easy Everything You Want…Right Now! Created by Michael Ross Comedy Ritz Theater Studio
Visiting Hour Hegg’s Army Directed by Elliott Mallin Drama Playwrights’ Center
Watch This Space Public Displays of Affection Created by Tim Cameron Something different U of M Barker Center for Dance
What I Thought I Saw: Random Acts of Blindness Dreamland Arts Created by Leslye Orr Comedy Strike Theater
When She Became Me: a pro-choice play about abortion Constructed Theatre Created by Elizabeth Horab Drama U of M Rarig Center Thrust
Why I Don’t Want to Be a Cat Woman: Reflections on Human Rites of Passage Human Doings Productions Created by Sara Truesdale Comedy Ritz Theater Studio
Wolf Tales DanceCo Created by Matthew Keefe Dance U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
Write Me a Song Loud Folk Records Created by Jeromy Darling Musical theater Bryant-Lake Bowl
Writer’s Block. The World Crime League Written by Andrew Rosdail Comedy U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
Yes! Feed The Monkey! Theatre Curiosita Created by Vlad Messing Something different HUGE Theater
You Suck. Tinker-2-Evers-2-Chance Written by George Campbell Comedy U of M Rarig Center Xperimental
Zombie Apocalypse/Killer Robots From Mars! Court Ordered Theatre Written by Peter Krinke Comedy Phoenix Theater
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