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Fringe File #16: The Arts Reader Awards

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The Minnesota Fringe Festival's annual domination of the Arts Reader's coverage is almost complete. Each year, for a period of around six weeks, coverage of the region's largest performing arts festival takes over our homepage. This focus reflects a larger action in the industry: many theatres and musical organizations simply choose

Fringe File #15: Mini-Reviews #4

A collage of promotional images for shows discussed in this article. Note: So as to capture different reviewers' varying perspectives, the Arts Reader sometimes reviews the same show twice. Chisago Haute Dish Productions parodies the musical Chicago, by changing the story from two female killers in Chicago, to an Orlando, Florida woman who

Fringe File #14: Mini-Reviews #3

A collage of promotional images of shows reviewed in this article. All is Bright Five years after its last Minnesota Fringe appearance, the New York City-based Shelby Company is back with a hilarious new comedy. Underneath All is Bright's "people talking at a bar" schtick is a powerful comedy executed with exquisite

Fringe File #13: Mini-Reviews #2

A collage of promotional images for shows reviewed in this article. Saturday saw the first officially sold out performance of the 2019 Minnesota Fringe Festival, The Winding Sheet Outfit's You Are Cordially Invited to the Life and Death of Edward Lear. Hot on its heels was Devious Mechanics' Edith Gets High,

Fringe File #11: Mini-Reviews #1

A promotional image for Edith Gets High, one of several shows to open last night with the start of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. The main Minnesota Fringe Festival opened last night. Over the next week and a half, roughly 50,000 tickets will be sold as audiences flock to the largest theatre

Fringe File #8: The Second Round of Previews

A collage of publicity photos from shows featured at the 2nd official Minnesota Fringe Festival preview event. With no further ado, here are all the videos from the second round of Minnesota Fringe Festival previews. #OrdinaryHeroes (presented by Minneapolis Ballet Dancers) 10 Minutes Between 1:50 and 2AM by Melancholics Anonymous) Ancient Future Division: Battle