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Fringe File #10: 30-Second Reviews, Round 3

The official show image forĀ The Most Dangerous Game.

Soundbytes from our staff on Fringe as we approach the half-way point.

Snow Country

This send-up of air travel is something that everyone who’s flown in recent years will find especially funny. Fun, well-paced, and starting with a killer twist on travel commercials.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Rats Within the Walls

Some old-fashioned storytelling enhanced by simple-but-effective light and sound effects. Engrossing, creepy, and set in the ruins behind the main Mill City Museum building. Reservations strongly recommended.

Celebrity Book Club

What you get varies based on the evening, but on the night we swung by this was downright painful to listen to. While the books being read from were quite terrible, this wasn’t as bad as the banter between hosts and guests. Not recommended.


The MostĀ Dangerous Game

A surprisingly small portion of the audience didn’t know that this is a parody of a short story
, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying this farce of a retelling. A+, lots of laughs, with some inspired visual humor to enhance the lovely deadpans.

Twin Cities Arts Reader