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REVIEW: Triple Espresso Still Has It (Hennepin Theatre Trust)

Photo by Anna Eveslage.

It’s been 20 years since Triple Espresso first opened at the Music Box Theatre, becoming a runaway hit that ran for 12 years. A few revivals and many satellite productions later, it’s back for the holiday season at the New Century Theatre in Minneapolis.

Photo by Anna Eveslage.
One of many sight gags in the show. Photo by Anna Eveslage.

At this point, there’s not a whole lot to say about Triple Espresso that hasn’t been said before. The three-man show is fun, flirty, and a bit hokey. At its best, it recalls Laurel and Hardy and the bright days of vaudeville. At its slowest and crassest, well, those moments pass soon enough. You get to see magic tricks fairly close up (Christopher Hart), hear some songs and piano music (mostly by Michael Pearce Donley), a lot of hamming and mugging (Bob Stromberg), and quite a bit of audience participation. The show still moves like a well-oiled machine (not surprising, given the time that the creators have been doing this) and, as the ticketperson said, it practically sells itself at this point.

Triple Espresso plays at the New Century Theatre in downtown Minneapolis through Jan. 8.

Basil Considine