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INTERVIEW: Singer-Songwriter-Actor Emily Dussault – Gone Missing, Champagne Drops, and Songwriting

The cast of Theatre Elision's production of Gone Missing in rehearsal. On Thursday, 1/17, Theatre Elision opens its production of the musical Gone Missing. This is the Minnesota premiere of a 2003 musical by the late composer Michael Friedman (The Abominables, Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson) and book writer Steve Cosson. An

REVIEW: Classic Farce in Lend Me A Tenor (Old Log Theatre)

Opera Guild Chairwoman Julia (Melanie Wehrmacher) meets with Tito Merelli (Luke Davidson), the famous opera star – or is he? – in the Old Log Theatre's production of Lend Me a Tenor. Photo courtesy of the Old Log Theatre. Ken Ludwig's Lend Me a Tenor owes a lot to P.G. Wodehouse's Bertie

REVIEW: Disturbing Depths in Blackbird (Dark and Stormy)

Una (Sara Marsh) and Ray (Luverne Seifert)'s discomforting reunion in Dark & Stormy's production of Blackbird. Photo by Rick Spaulding. It's been a decade since Blackbird took home London's Olivier Award for Best New Play. The current staging by Dark & Stormy Productions, now playing at the Grain Belt Warehouse in

REVIEW: The Last Cantus Concert (Of the Year)

A promotional photo of Cantus. Cantus brought its 2018 performances to a close on Sunday with the final installment (for now) of its Christmas with Cantus concerts. The performance featured an array of classic music, some more contemporary numbers such as Joni Mitchell's "The River", and a new vocal work by Catherine Dalton. That

PREVIEW: Welcome to Fight Night

An array of characters from Theatre Coup d'Etat's Fight Night performance series. Photos by Craig James Hostetler. If you saw a poster that said "Celebrity Deathmatch meets Highlander" and promised characters from Miley Cyrus to Darth Vader fighting it out with words, axes, knives, bricks, bats, hand-to-hand, and rubber chickens, you'd probably have a lot