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LIVE BLOG: The 24 Hours Plays – Bix Edition 2

Tyler Michaels prop-dumping.

We’re just about 3 hours away from the biggest and best show in town.  Because what a line up of talent! And it’s for a great cause (see my earlier blog post.)

If you don’t have tickets yet, now’s your chance:   Go to:

Or straight to Ticketmaster at


Let’s start with the 6 star PLAYWRIGHTS! 

  • Julia Jordan
  • Harrison David Rivers
  • Alan Berks
  • Christina Ham
  • Heather Meyer
  • Michael Elyanow

DIRECTORS?  Put on your sunglasses!

  • Lauren Keating
  • Jamil Jude
  • Peter Rothstein
  • John Lynn
  • Christy Montour-Larson
  • William Payne

PERFORMERS – How’s this for performers?  

Justin Kirk, Cat Brindisi,  Warren C Bowles, Kasono Mwanza, Tony Vierling,  Kim Kivens, Ryan McCartan,  Rachel Williams, Sally Wingert, Kory Pullam, Osh Ghanimah, Timothy Busfield, Tim Sitarz, Devin Kelley, Michelle Barber,,Ricardo Vazquez,  Nicholas Freeman,  Michael Brindisi,  Tyler Michaels,  Hope Nordquist,  Sasha Andreev,  Stacia Rice,  Melissa Gilbert, Hannah Blank,  Ann Michels, AJ Blank Lulu Blank,  Denzel Belin,  Serena Brook,  Glynnis Blank,  Tatiana Williams, Donny Blank, Tod Petersen

MUSIC – Did someone say music?   

Who doesn’t love David Darrow? Who???

In the meantime, here’re more photos of last night’s “Meet and Greet Costume and Prop Dump”  – which was quite a show in itself.


Kit Bix