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LIVE BLOG: The 24 Hours Plays – Bix Edition 2

We're just about 3 hours away from the biggest and best show in town.  Because what a line up of talent! And it's for a great cause (see my earlier blog post.) If you don't have tickets yet, now's your chance:   Go to: Or straight to Ticketmaster at   Let's start with

LIVE BLOG: The 24 Hour Plays: Ryan McCartan Inspires

Homegrown actor Ryan McCartan, best known for his recurring role as Diggie on the Disney Channel's sitcom Liv and Maddie, and for his role as Brad Majors in Fox's 2016 musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again, has come home to perform in The 24 Hour Plays at

LIVE BLOG: The 24 Hour Plays – Bix Edition

It's half past midnight in Minneapolis.  We had a big snowfall this afternoon and now the streets are icy and 17 degrees Farenheit. Most people here went to bed hours ago but the 6 playwrights who are participating in The 24 Hour Plays, hosted by Hennepin Theater Trust, are just

LIVE BLOG: The 24 Hour Plays

Necessity is the mother of invention – or, according to Bill Watterson's Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes, mothers are the necessity of invention. Starting this Sunday at 10 PM, a group of six directors, six playwrights, and 24 actors will test out both as they create and perform six plays in just 24 hours.