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THE CURMUDGEON: Vol. 3 – Photos and the Visual Arts

The above blank image is like a student copying Kandinsky’s white canvas for a class assignment: it says nothing. This is usually not what is desired.

Dear Visual Artist PR Person,

Thank you for your recent email. While you certainly used a great number of words to describe art created in an exclusively visual medium, I reached the end of your email with one significant problem: I have no idea what this art looks like. I’m not even sure what medium it is, to be honest.

I note that your press release includes the note “Photos available upon request.” Might there be a connection between this and the aforementioned vagueness?

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words.



  • Editors and writers usually have short evening deadlines. If a request comes up last-minute, it’s better to have already delivered images into their hands.
  • When photos are available, include them in your email or an easy way to access them.
    • Large/High-resolution photos can easily be made available via a Dropbox link or other cloud file sharing service.
  • It’s super helpful to have references related to the medium in which an artist is working: visual samples for visual artists, music samples for musicians, etc.
Basil Considine