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PREVIEW: An Advance Look at The Abominables (Children’s Theatre Company)

Rival hockey teams face off in The Abominables, opening this week at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, MN. Photo by Dan Norman.

It is a time-honored theatrical adage that the show must go on. Thus, the Children’s Theatre Company took a moment over the weekend to acknowledge the tragic death of composer-lyricist Michael Friedman on Saturday, then proceeded to sharpen its skates to bring Friedman’s last show to life.

Rink rats, hockey moms, tournament weekends and the quest to play your best – It’s tryout season in the Great State of Hockey! Mitch has always played on the A team for the Prairie Lake Blizzards – these are his guys – they’ve played together forever, but he’s worried this could be the year he gets sent down to the B team. When a new “kid” appears at Bantam tryouts, things go from bad to worse. From the land of ice and nice comes the first Minnesota hockey musical! Will you love it? You betcha!

The Abominables, which opens this week, features a book by Steve Cosson with music and lyrics by Michael Friedman. Its youth hockey-focused story brought Cosson and Friedman out to area hockey rinks to watch young Minnesotans duke it out on the ice; many of Friedman’s lyrics were based on remarks that the players made in interviews. Here’s a sneak peek at the show:

Bradley Greenwald and Elise Benson prepare to watch and cheer in The Abominables. Photo by Dan Norman.
Rival hockey teams face off. Photo by Dan Norman.
Henry Constable and the cast of The Abominables. Photo by Dan Norman.
US vs Canada. Photo by Dan Norman.
Zachary Hodgkins, Evan Latta, and Hunter Conrad in The Abominables. Photo by Dan Norman.


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The Abominables opens September 12 and plays through October 15 at the Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, MN.

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