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Fringe File 2017, #7: Every Video from the First Official Fringe Preview

A promotional image for Dancing Bare Feet, a Bollywood stage musical created by Renu Kumar and presented by RGK Modern Indian Dance Academy.

Did you miss the live preview of the Minnesota Fringe on Monday? Never fear: videos of each show preview (minus any last-minute cancellations and shows with Actor’s Equity members) are now online. Here they are for your convenient viewing pleasure, presented in the order in which they were performed. Highlights include a Bollywood musical, a kidnapping, dinosaurs, mysteries, large on-stage fights, and more.

Repertoire Dogs, presented by Ideal Productions

One Foot, presented by Langston Theatre Company

Dancing Bare Feet, presented by RGK Modern Indian Dance Academy

Playwrights on a Train, presented by TROMPE L’OEIL

Blood Debt, presented by Degenerate Theatre

Full Metal Rabbit, presented by Beta Fish Productions

Odd Man Out, presented by Underdog Theatre

On the Exhale, presented by Market Garden Theatre

Fool’s Medicine, presented by Theatre of Fools

F@*k the 90s, presented by FurTrader Productions

Spec, presented by Ben San Del

The Perils of Steve, presented by SaMi Productions

Code: L-O-V-E, presented by Highlander Kitty

Swoopstake, presented by (lumin)theater lab

Small Time Dicks, presented by Siege Perilous Films

The Wright Stuff, or You’ll Believe They Can Fly!, presented by Outlandish Productions

William & Mary: The Way Out Experiment, presented by Surprise Me! Productions

Knifeslingin’!, presented by The Theatre Cosmic

Wellstone: A Minnesotan Musical, presented by Albino Squirrel

One Foot, presented by Langston Theatre Company

Thor: Jurassic Park, presented by Access World Productions

1967, presented by 2Lorens

Never Wonder Land, presented by Laughing Nomad Productions

The Murmur of Murder, presented by Swing and a Miss

En Passant, presented by McGo Productions

Mnemosyne, presented by Sunday Driver

The Buttslasher, presented by New Endeavors

Queen of Delicious Animals, presented by The Rachel Teagle Effect

The Second Banana Revolt!, presented by Far From The Tree

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