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PREVIEW: MNKino Film Score Fest at the Science Museum

Tomorrow marks the public culmination of the annual MNKINO Film Score Fest: a public screening with a live orchestra at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

If you’re not familiar with MNKINO, the organization promotes the creation of new films in the state of Minnesota. Participants sign up for time-sensitive film-making challenges with “Mystery Meat” ingredients. The annual film score fest, curated by Charlie McCarron, adds a twist: filmmakers are paired with composers to add an orchestral score. The resulting works are screened with a live orchestra playing the soundtrack in the theatre, much like in the early days of film.

Some 19 sets of filmmakers and composers will be featured at the 7 PM screening tonight at the Science Museum of Minnesota:

  1. Ostensibly, Nick Hansen and Travis Anderson
  2. Awe-struck, Ann Thompson and Charlie McCarron
  3. Nightmare at the Museum, Kevon Veasey, Michaela Kamara, Keon Miller, Jackson Ruiz, and Andrew Burns
  4. Unreal, George Lopez and Mike Manor
  5. Am I Awake?, Joua Lee and Andy Stermer
  6. Fading Memories, Larry Wydra and Dan Wheeler
  7. Perception Picnic, John Akre and Brian Neurauter
  8. Couch Potatoes, Sarah Abdel-Jell and Tyler Straka
  9. Mandatory Recall, Rodney Johnson and Basil Considine
  10. Tame, Wendy Placko and Jake Downing
  11. Underground, Beth Peloff and Dua Saleh
  12. The Tragedy of the International Brigades, Christian Finch and Bryan Schumann
  13. Mirror Phase, Oanh Vu, Josh Dyrud, Andy Dayton, and Alex Mueller
  14. Bent, Aaron Rosenblum, Sami Pfeffer and Kurt Hattenberg
  15. Mystery Meat, Joseph Dutra and Hannah McDaniel
  16. Skyworms, Asia Ward and Dylan Curzon
  17. Just Another Love Story, Brian Christoper and David Boban
  18. The Euphony of Falling Water, Mary Beth Hutlin
  19. Love at First Fight, Justin Schaack, Kristin Schaak, and Karl Brueggman

Tonight’s screening will also be available via livestreamed video at: Tickets for the screening are $5, and include an invitation to an afterparty at New Bohemia (9:15 pm-12 am; 222 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102).

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