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PHOTOS: I Come from Arizona (Children’s Theatre Company)

Luca La Hoz Calassara and Ayssette Muñoz in the Children’s Theatre Company world premiere production of I Come From Arizona. Photo by Dan Norman.

Tonight, the Children’s Theatre Company opens its latest production, the world premiere of I Come from Arizona by Carlos Murillo. Murillo, an award-winning playwright of Colombian and Puerto Rican descent, received a Doris Duke Impact Award in 2015. His latest play delves into contemporary social issues, including citizenship and the DREAMers.


Gabi Castillo, a bright, 14-year-old Mexican-American girl living on the South Side of Chicago, is accepted into a very different, elite high school. Through her Global Perspectives class, she learns secrets about her past and her parents, discovers her own inherited strength, and begins to understand what it means to take risks. In today’s world of immigration raids and Dreamers, fear and uncertainty, Gabi inspires a modern-day lesson in bravery, courage, and finding power in what seems like a powerless situation.

Here’s a look at the production, whcih features scenic designs by Yu Shibagaki, costumes by Trevor Bowen, and lighting by Paul Whitaker. Lisa Portes directs and Victor Zupanc composed the score.

Gabi (Ayssette Muñoz) and Dolores (Nora Montañez) in a weighty moment. Photo by Dan Norman.
Sha Cage as Ms. Chan. Photo by Dan Norman.
Ricardo Vázquez as Reymundo. Photo by Dan Norman.
Jesús (Luca La Hoz Calassara) and Gabi (Ayssette Muñoz) play. Photo by Dan Norman.

I Came from Arizona plays through November 25 at the Children’s Theatre Company’s Cargill Stage in Minneapolis, MN.

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