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VIDEO: Collide and Constantine Maroulis in “She’s Just Rock N’ Roll”

Downtown Minneapolis, construction and all, features prominently as the backdrop of COLLIDE Theatrical’s latest music video.

What do you do after you’ve competed on American Idol, been nominated for a Tony Award for Best Performance for rocking out, and developed a murderous split stage personality that got you a Drama League Award nomination?

If you’re singer-actor Constantine Maroulis, the next step is “make a music video”. Maroulis has teamed up with the Twin Cities-based Collide Theatrical Dance Company for a popping, dance-filled music video for “She’s Just Rock N’ Roll”. (Maroulis was in the 4th season of American Idol, earned his Tony nomination for Rock of Ages on Broadway, and got his Drama League nomination for Jekyll & Hyde.)

Filmed by Patrick Jeffrey and featuring choreography by Regina Peluso, the video was locally filmed and stars a number of downtown Minneapolis locations, including the front of the Cowles Center and the perennial Hennepin Ave street repairs. Dancers Renee Guittar, Rush Benson, Jarod Boltjes, Rebecca Abroe, Chelsea Rose, Betsy Nelson, Doug Hooker, and Miranda Shaugnessey perform.

Amy Donahue