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BREAKING NEWS: Brand New Minneapolis School of New Music Abruptly Closes

A message from Minneapolis School of New Music founder Bart Johnson on the school’s closure.

The Minneapolis School of New Music has closed. The charter school, which opened its doors this fall, promised middle school children a tuition-free, music-immersive curriculum. Founder Bart Johnson cited the resignations of 2 of the school’ 7 teaching staff members as the cause of the closure in a message posted to the school website:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that we will be permanently shutting down the Minneapolis School of New Music.

We simply do not have the staff to continue our academic program.

While this is going to be difficult for the students, we will work with families to help them transition smoothly to their next school.

For the people who have worked so long and hard to make this school a reality, I say thank you! While we were not able to make it work, I believe we did our best. Thank you to parents, community members, partner organizations, board members, volunteers, and to our authorizer for your belief in the vision of the school. I am sorry we were not able to bring that vision to life and sustain it.

It was an honor to work with the students, staff, board, and everyone who helped us along the way.

Thank you for everything and we wish everyone the best of luck in the future.



The school briefly operated in the Camden neighborhood of Minneapolis. On its GiveMN page, the school advertised free music lessons and a focus on reaching BIPOC students. Its $1 million fundraising campaign from last year, however, attracted only 9 donors and did not reach 1% of its stated goal.

Fox 9 has further details.

Amy Donahue