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VIDEO: Psychedelics With You, by Leslie Vincent

If you’re indifferent about jazz in a post-Louie Armstrong world, Leslie Vincent’s new music video for “Psychedelics with You” might make a convert out of you. The music video for song off her album About Last Night (2023) dropped yesterday, teasing listeners into a world of jazz club vibes, sexy trumpet brassiness, and (yes) tripping.

You leaped so high you touched the skies,

You pulled them down around our eyes…

Shot by Justin & Kristin Schaack, the video for “Psychedelics with You” is a cinematic delight in and of itself, tripping with visual morphs, swaying glances at the piano keyboard and blaring trumpet, arcing pans, tight zooms on snapping bass strings, and – of course – Vincent looking que bella in a blue sequin gown and sounding jazzistica.

Singer-actor-songwriter Leslie Vincent in concert, wearing the same blue sequin dress featured in her music video for “Psychedelics with You”. Photo by Laura Lee Buhman.

Featured Performers
Leslie Vincent – vocals
Ted Godbout – piano
Matt McIntyre – upright bass
Ben Ehrlich – drums
Mitch Van Laar – trumpet

Engineered at Future Condo Studios.

Amy Donahue