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PREVIEW: HUGE Improv Theater’s Summer Season

HUGE Improv Theater’s still new-to-it space at 2728 Lyndale Ave in Minneapolis. The nonprofit has been an anchor tenant bringing patrons to other area businesses in Uptown for 14 years.

HUGE Improv Theater – the Twin Cities’ only venue devoted exclusively to both teaching and presenting long-form improv – has announced its Summer 2024 season at its new home at 2728 Lyndale Ave in Minneapolis, MN.

The organization’s summer season will run through July 26, at which point its home will become a temporary venue for the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

HUGE Wednesdays 7:30 – Four groups each performing their own signature style. This season includes: I Like You, Claustrophobia, Two’s Company, and Well Well Well.

Thursday Thursday 7:30

Hot Pot Presents: Chopped


Nudge – Two wildly inventive shows by two all-star casts on one ticket. In Chopped, Hot Pot will choose from a menu of classic improv styles and techniques (things like monologues, musicals, and artsy organic transformations), to create a brand new form each week. And Nudge is cinematic! Gripping! Awkward! Veteran improvisers and friends create a monoscene of grounded and weirdly sweet improv.


7:30: Babe Train Presents: B24 Improvised Films – There’s a new Oscar-bait arthouse in town! B24 Improvised Films parody the high-brow, surreal tropes of A24 films, improvised on-the-spot by Babe Train. Don’t miss the premier of the Avant-Garde Horror or Eccentric Coming of Age movie that will have critics buzzing this summer! Whether you’re a die-hard A24 fan or simply want to laugh, B24 promises an unforgettable journey.

9:00: SPOLIN – Come see some of the funniest people in Minneapolis play HARD. The show is full of smart scenes, bold characters, and brain-tickling callbacks. Produced by three veteran Chicago performers who are committed to making a show as legendary as its namesake, Viola Spolin. Let’s fucking play!

10:00: Super Showdown – The sports entertainment-themed improv show to find out if your suggested character could win in an epic arena battle for the key to Super City! Each night contains 4 special guest improvisers, 3 action-packed matches, and 2 lowly ringside commentators who are in way over their heads.


May 11, June 18, and July 13 only, 4:00: Bring Your Kids – A comedy variety show for kids and their grown-ups

7:30: Family Funeral – Family Funeral is an improvised drama created and directed by Molly Ritchie – returning to HUGE after ten years – Come see a family improvise farewells to a loved one with all the emotions, outbursts and unintentional awkwardness and more

9:00: The Mess – Always see The Mess. Five of the Twin Cities most experienced improvisers making beautiful, hilarious chaos.

10:00: No Fear Shakesqueer – The best in never before seen queer Shakespeare content. (Yes, it’s improvised.)


7:30: Improv-a-Go-Go – The madcap improv laboratory that started it all. Every week is a  grab bag of exciting new improv work by seasoned pros, up-and-coming talents, and everything in between. Anything could happen… and probably will!

HUGE Improv Theater presents over 500 performances yearly, featuring hundreds of performers and seen by tens of thousands of patrons.

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