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Fringe File, #14: The Touring Showcase Preview Videos

Singer, banjoist, and guitarist Willi Carlisle in There Ain’t No More.

The Minnesota Fringe Festival, the largest theatre festival in the state, opened yesterday with 62 performances at venues across Minneapolis. Before the festival officially opened, a packed crowd assembled at Mixed Blood on Wednesday to view the Touring Artists Showcase, a first glimpse at performers from out of town. Some of the out-of-town shows to watch include the folk operetta There Ain’t No More!, Subpar Heroes, Not Quite/Asian American by Law, Asian Woman by Desire, and Bear Eats Bear. Here are the video previews from Wednesday’s event:

Atlas Dynamo’s Burnt Offerings, presented by Scream Blue Murmur Productions

PHD (Po H# on Dope) to Ph.D.: How Education Saved My Life, By Give Us Free Records, LLC

Spy in the House of Men: A One-Woman Show With Balls, presented by Penny: For Your Thoughts

There Ain’t No More!, presented by Willi Carlisle Productions

Macduo, presented by Three Crazy Sons

Bear Eats Bear, presented by The Last Grizzly

Skirmish of Wit: Your Imaginary Forces, presented by The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company

Fruit Flies Like a Banana: WORLD TOUR, presented by The Fourth Wall

The Fainting Room, presented by Sonder Productions

Our Boy, presented by Theatre B

Plan B, presented by Kyle Schwartz

Subpar Heroes, presented by Renegade Theater Company

Not Quite/Asian American by Law, Asian Woman by Desire, presented by Renegade Ada Cheng

It’s About Love Again This Year, presented by RE|dance group

BOOMBOX , presented by Hannah Starr

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