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Fringe File #12: The Encore Shows

Arun Velliangiri as Aman Khan and Ranjan Dumra as Appa in Bezubaan: The Voiceless, one of the 2016 Encore-winning shows at the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

The Minnesota Fringe Festival announced its 2016 Encore shows late last night at Fringe Central (Republic). The Encore shows are the highest-selling show in each venue, as determined by the ticket sales from each show’s first four performances in the festival.

The 2016 Encore winners are (by venue):

  • Bryant-Lake Bowl – Broken English, Mother Tongue by minnerican productions
    A solo show about growing up in Puerto Rico, written and acted by Javier Morillo, directed by Levi Weinhagen .
  • HUGE Theater – Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope by Wayward Theatre Company
    An adaptation of the classic scifi story of an accident during space travel, directed by Sarah Nargang.
  • Intermedia Arts – It is so ordered: The Supreme Court’s Greatest Hits by American Civic Forum
    An unusual set up (created by Matthew Foster) consisting of reading dissenting opinions from Supreme Court decisions.
  • Mixed Blood – Gilligan: A Tropical Musical by Literally Entertainment Productions
    A send-up of the classic television show using the music and choreography of Broadway darling Hamilton. Written and co-directed by Travis Carpenter and Kyle DeGoey.
  • Phoenix Theater – It Always Rained in Paris by Theatre Corrobora
    A charming, nuanced and intelligent piece on long-running cultural shock and an au pair exchange. Written by Hailey Colwell, directed by Aidan Jhane Gallivan.
  • Playwrights’ Center – Twice by Its Time Productions
    A set of six plays on three scenarios by playwrights Chris Andersen and Lee Lawing, engaging with issues related to family and love as a gay man. Directed by Audrey Stottler.
  • Ritz Studio – There’s No Coffee in Heaven by Jayme Allen
    A solo show entirely by Jayme Allen about real-life experiences as a Mormon girl who gets pregnant in high school.
  • Ritz Proscenium – Apple Picking by Ben San Del Presents
    A tale of drugs, assassins, trees, and apple picking. Tree #1 and Tree #2 never looked so good or had so much to do… Written and directed by Ben San Del.
  • Southern Theater – Ball: A Musical Tribute To My Lost Testicle by The Catalysts
    Max Wojtanowicz’s comedy telling of his successful battle with testicular cancer. Written by Max Wojtanowicz, with music by composers Andrew Cooke, Michael Gruber, and Jason Hansen. Directed by Nikki Swoboda.
  • Strike Theater – A Mariokart Named Desire by Melanistic Squirrel
    A sendup of the infamously bad Super Mario Brothers movie with a script by Bryn Tanner, music by Zach Miller, and direction by Carter Roeske.
  • Theatre in the Round – Sometimes There’s Wine by Shanan Custer & Carolyn Pool
    Take two parts well-known local actresses, mix with a variety of scenarios about drinking what’s usually too much wine, and hilarity ensues. Written by Shanan Custer & Carolyn Pool and directed by Anya Kremenetsky.
  • U of M Barker Center – Assemblé by Minneapolis Ballet Dancers
    This show was designed to give voice to local choreographers…and succeeded wildly. Choreography by Shohei Iwahama, Casey Juul, Kate Behrendt, Annie Nimmo, Wesley Rocha, Laura Janson, Maylu Pena, and Katherine Hesterberg.
  • U of M Rarig Arena – Airbags by Rebecca Sandell. A comedy about the life of a flight attendant, written and directed by Rebecca Sandell.
  • U of M Rarig Thrust – Bezubaan: The Voiceless by Bollywood Dance Scene
    Bollywood dancing is one of the best things to happen to Fringe. With 84 dancers and multiple costume changes each, it’s a feast for the eyes even before you start thinking about the music, the important theme, or the sheer novelty compared to every other show in Fringe. Co-directed by Madhu Bangalore and Stephanie Alexander, with choreography by Darshan Maiya, Divya Maiya, Erin McGregor, and Arun Velliangiri.
  • U of M Rarig Xperimental – Happenstanced by Pipermonkey
    Allegra Lingo’s solo show about the first year of parenting. A hit out of the gate, with all 5 regular shows completely sold out.

All of the 2016 Encore performances take place at 8:30 PM tonight in their respective venues.

The 2016 Minnesota Fringe runs through Aug. 14. Tickets and a full festival schedule can be found at

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