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PREVIEW: Cirque du Soleil’s Toruk: The First Flight

The lush world of Avatar brought to life in Toruk: The First Flight. Photo by Errisson Lawrence and © 2015 Cirque du Soleil.

If you loved James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatar, good news! Filming for Avatar 2 has been scheduled. Bad news: It’s not expected to hit movie theatres until 2018. If you’re looking for a Na’vi fix, however, you can get one much earlier than that, in the form of Cirque du Soleil’s Toruk: The First Flight, which plays at Target Center from September 28 through October 2.

Toruk tells the story of the Na’vi’s first journey into the skies with giant puppets, aerial and acrobatics, and multimedia displays. The show premiered in December at Montreal’s Centre Bell to rave reviews. Here’s a glimpse of the show:

All pictures feature costumes by Kym Barrett. Photos by Errisson Lawrence and © 2015 Cirque du Soleil.

A dinosaur-like creature wanders the jungle.
A brightly colored creature takes to the air.
Wings. Massive, colored wings.
A Na’vi perched on a tree branch with a net.
A group of Na’vi with spears at the ready.
Na’vi take to the air.
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