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THE CURMUDGEON: Vol. 1 – How Should We Contact You?

Dear _____ Company,

Lovely press release with a note to request tickets through the contact form on your website (Strike 1). I can’t help notice that you sent this from a do-not-reply address (Strike 2) and that your website does not have a clearly labeled contact form (Strike 3) or any contact information besides your mailing address (Strike 4)…or, indeed, for anyone at the company (Strike 5).

I’m afraid that this loveliness is entirely too much for me. Also, I seem to recall a Facebook posting from you complaining about the challenge of getting press coverage. I would call your attention to these outstanding issues, but see Strikes 1-5.



  • Always have a clear two-way channel of email communication when sending out a press release via email.
  • Don’t use a do-not-reply email address for a press release without also including a reply-to address.
    • Set the reply-to address in the email headings (check your mass emailer software for details), rather than including the address in the body of the email.
      • Many mass emailer programs won’t give any warnings that the email has been rejected. Even if they do, it’s another step.
  • Make sure that at least one staff contact email address is listed on your website. (You want people to contact your organization for more info!)
  • A Facebook page doesn’t substitute for a bonafide, findable email address.
  • Listing an email address on your Facebook page doesn’t substitute for listing it on your regular website.
Basil Considine