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Fringe File 2017, #6: Minnesota Fringe’s Second Official Preview of 2017

A promotional photo for Lysa Sparrow’s First Year Queer, one of 30 Minnesota Fringe shows being previewed on Monday. Photo by Rebecca Jean Lawrence Photography.

Here’s a game to play: how many Fringe titles can you fit into a sentence that still kind of makes sense? A Bollywood Twistery Facility Denial of Service Good Friday caused A Dream Deferred to Blackout Improv. Meanwhile, Couple Fight 3: Weddings! created First Year Queer Fool’s Paradise. Mayor Lear of Townsville thought about the Legend of the Storm and the Gravitational Collapse. Out of the Shadows jumped Patriot/Traitor Sisyphus and Ronald Reagan: Time Traveler. The Heartless Death in Yosemite by Sisyphus led to a cancellation of the Jefferson Township Sparkling Junior Talent Pageant due to receipt of a Manifesto. Stranger-er Things had happened, but after The Tragedy of Obi-Wan, no wanted to be Waiting for Gygax for a Motivational Power Hour.

A promotional image for Weggel-Reed Productions’ Couple Fight 3: Weddings!, another show being previewed on Monday.

Feeling a bit lost? Try 3-minute excerpts of each of these 30 shows at the 2017 Minnesota Fringe Festival’s second official preview. This preview (suggested donation: $4) takes place at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities’ Rarig Center Stoll Thrust Stage in Minneapolis on Monday, July 24 at 7:30 PM.

  1. Blackout Improv presented by Rogues Gallery Arts
  2. A Bollywood Twistery presented by Harmonious Music
  3. Couple Fight 3: Weddings! presented by Weggel-Reed Productions
  4. De Hjerteløse [The Heartless] presented by WAR Theater
  5. Death in Yosemite: A comedic adaptation of the Non-Fiction Book presented by Rooftop Theatre Company
  6. Denial of Service presented by Savaali
  7. A Dream Deferred presented by Jezebel Theatre Company
  8. Facility presented by Imagined Theatre
  9. First Year Queer presented by Sparrow Productions
  10. Fool’s Paradise presented by Desolate Maude
  11. Good Friday: Round One presented by Fat Chance Productions
  12. Gravitational Collapse presented by Cole Sarar
  13. Jefferson Township Sparkling Junior Talent Pageant: A New Musical presented by Devious Mechanics
  14. The Last Bombardment by Oncoming Productions
  15. The Legend of the Storm and I presented by R. R. Ronson
  16. MANIFESTO presented by MAD Theatre Co.
  17. Mayor Lear of Townsville presented by Play-Dot
  18. Nowhere in Glass presented by JSB Theatre
  19. Out of the Shadows presented by Gabriel Mata/Movements
  20. Patriot/Traitor presented by Society for the Preservation of Gravity
  21. A Pickle presented by Really Spicy Opera
  22. The Pursuit of Awesome presented by Northstarter Productions
  23. RomCom-Con: A Meet-Cute Musical presented by August Moon Productions
  24. Ronald Reagan: Time Traveler presented by Katherine Glover Presents
  25. Sevlin & Devlin Presents: Seven Evans in Heaven presented by Ferrari McSpeedy Theatrical Productions
  26. Stranger-er Things: Netflix and KILL presented by Turd Sprout Productions
  27. Sisyphus presented by Moon-Eyed Owl
  28. The Tragedy of Obi-Wan Kenobi presented by Headcanon
  29. Waiting for Gygax presented by Hot Chocolate Media
  30. Your Motivational Power Hour! presented by Change! Your! Life! Productions
A promotional image for Really Spicy Opera’s production of A Pickle.
Hanne Appelbaum