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PHOTOS: Mission Theatre Company’s Trojan Women

Mission Theatre Company’s staging of Euripides’ classic play Trojan Women opened last night with a sold-out show. This play, first staged in 415 BCE, is set amidst the backdrop of the Trojan War. At its premiere, it functioned as a critique of Athenian policies in the Peloponnesian War – policies that had recently resulted in the wholesale slaughter and enslavement of a neutral city’s population. More than 2400 years later, Trojan Women remains one of the most famous anti-war plays in the Western canon, with numerous updates and adaptations. Its themes include a deep exploration of the plight of the defeated side’s women, who are treated as slaves, concubines, and sacrifices.

Here’s a look at MTC’s production:

Eva Gemlo as Athena. Photo by Robert Stacke.
Gary Dancui as Talthybius. Photo by Robert Stacke.
Madeleine Farley as Cassandra and Gary Dancui as Talthybius (above). Photo by Robert Stacke.
Siri Hammond as Woman of Troy. Photo by Robert Stacke.
Tucker Brewster Schuster as Solider, Amanda Chial (center) as a Woman of Troy. L-R: Women of Troy: Sophie Rose Cameron, Siri Hammond, Helena Mueller, and Gillian Randall. Photo by Robert Stacke.

Trojan Women plays through April 28 at Urban Growler Brewery in Saint Paul, MN.

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