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Fringe File #5: The First Round of Fringe Previews, Pt. 1

A photo collage of promotional images of Fringe shows whose previews are featured below.

On Monday, July 15, the first official preview for the main Minnesota Fringe Festival took place at the University of Minnesota. If the launch of the official show schedule in early of July sets Fringe fiends a-planning, the previews are where their carefully planned schemes get thrown a-tussle. These short, two-minute live previews give Fringe audiences a first-hand look at some of the shows on offer – and often pique interest in the unexpected. Here are half of the shows previewed on Monday, presented in reverse alphabetical order for fairness. 

What Happened to Annie? presented by Harmonious Music

This is an Adventure! presented by Conspiracy of Three

The Wizard of Oz Bellydance Show presented by Bellydonna Dance Company

The Buttslasher: And Then There Were Buns presented by New Endeavors

The Bisexual Unicorn and Other Mythological Creatures presented by Jena Young Productions

Tess Jones, Space Archaeologist presented by MDK Productions

Susan Dempseys Stand Up Comedy Hour presented by Cold Pizza Productions

SIZE presented by Somerville Productions

Plaid Tales presented by no way theatre

My Kahaani presented by Bollywood Dance Scene

Moon River presented by Ducdame Theatre

Looking Glass – A Shattered Cirque Wonderland presented by Elite Entertainment

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