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MUSIC VIDEO: Under the Same Ceiling by James Rone

A still from the music video to Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter James Rone’s new music video, “Under the Same Ceiling”.

Humans’ relationship with technology is complicated, to say the least. As people spend increasing amount of time using electronic devices – speaking, playing, and sleeping – what happens when lines get crossed? That’s an important thread in the music video to James Rone’s just-released song “Under the Same Ceiling”.

Two of the hottest growth areas in consumer electronics today are virtual assistants (think Google Home and Amazon Echo) and home automation (e.g., electronic light controls, door locks, and thermostats). Lots of sci-fi has explored humans falling in love with robots – but what if your all-in-one virtual assistant and home automation system fell in love with you?

The music video for “Under the Same Ceiling” was directed by Joe Dressel and shot by Jonny Stuckmayer. It stars local actor Rita Boersma (artistic director of HUGE Theater) and features music written and performed by James Rone, with backing vocals by Anna Weggel. Rone, a Minneapolis resident, has an upcoming album entitled Quiet As Fists, from which this is the first single to be released.

Promotional artwork for “Under the Same Ceiling” by Joe Dressel.
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