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PHOTOS: The Rocky Horror Show (Park Square Theatre)

Randy Schmeling as Riff Raff in Park Square Theatre’s production of The Rocky Horror Show. Photo by Dan Norman.

Park Square Theatre’s new production of The Rocky Horror Show opens this evening in St. Paul, MN. Here’s a look at the show:

One night, a couple of newlyweds named Brad (Ben Lohrberg, right) and Janet (Natalie Shaw, left)…
…met the fabulous Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Gracie Anderson)… Photo by Dan Norman.
…who hosted a cool dance party with Columbia (Celena Vera Morgan)…
Photo by Dan Norman.
…there was even prime meat (Rush Benson as Rocky Horror) on offer. Also pictured: Natalie Shaw. Photo by Dan Norman.
…how could this possibly end up wrong? Photo by Dan Norman.

The Rocky Horror Show opens tonight at Park Square Theatre in St. Paul, MN and runs through November 2.

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