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Fringe File #5: The Last Day of the Fringe

Today is the last day of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Here are seven show recommendations to close out the festival, one for the first five time slots and a split choice for the finale:

    • 1 PM 3 Guys on Stage Who Get Hit with Hot Dogs, Snow Cones, etc. (an alleged Theatre Company)
      • Venue: CFPA Flex
      • Exactly what the title promises, this offbeat show is a taste of something different. Its none-too-serious tone is just what the doctor ordered after a weekend (or week) of drier fare.
    • 2:30 PM Endometriosis: the Musical (Ripped Nylons Productions)
      • Venue: Theatre in the Round
      • If you weren’t born with a vagina, you might have no idea about what the title refers to. If you were…let’s just say it’s not something you ever want to have happen. Often humorous and sometimes moving, this musical exploration of an unlikely topic is a gem with a beautiful score and a witty book.
    • 4 PM He-Man Is The Devil & Other Satanic Panic Tales (Kyle B. Decker)
      • Venue: Rarig Center Arena
      • A cautionary tale of fundamentalism gone awary, this deeply personal tale examines a pivotal period in the Culture Wars through a vividly raw, emotional rollercoaster.
    • 5:30 PM Swords & Sorcery: The Improvised Fantasy Campaign (The Bearded Company)
      • Venue: Theatre in the Round
      • A perennial Fringe favorite, this improvised storytelling campaign based on fantasy roleplaying games is guaranteed hilarity.
    • 7 PM A Day with the Newhearts (Melancholics Anonymous)
      • Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre
      • This parody of Minnesota Niceness and 1950s sitcoms is overflowing with jokes and situational humor. 
    • 8:30 PM Choice 1 The Hysterical Woman (Fortune’s Fool Theatre)
      • Venue: Rarig Center Xperimental
      • Hard to describe but easy to enjoy, this examination of how women have been historically stereotyped and dismissed is a powerful option for ending your week of Fringing.
    • 8:30 PM Choice 2 Finger Lickin’ Good (Special When Lit)
      • Venue: Rarig Center Thrust
      • Colonel Sanders, comedy, and…horror? With a killer script, a bucket of stage blood, and a standout cast, this offbeat show is a perfect option for ending Fringe with a bucket of deep-fried laughter.


Amy Donahue