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Fringe File 2018 #8 – Josh Carson on A Justice League of Their Own

A superhero fight training session for A Justice League of Their Own, presented by Mainly Me Productions. L-R: Heather Meyer, Meredith Kind, Emily Jabas, Lauren Omernik, Kelsey Cramer, and Sulia Altenberg. This installment of the Fringe File series looks at Josh Carson, the brainchild behind A Justice League of Their Own. This fringe show

Fringe File 2018 #5 – Q&A with Actor Corey DiNardo of Cyrano on the Moon

Actor Corey DiNardo, who plays Christian in the upcoming Fringe show Cyrano on the Moon. Today's Fringe File installment is a Q&A with actor Corey DiNardo, who plays Christian in Red Dice Collective's production of Cyrano on the Moon. This ongoing series looks at the assorted people who make Fringe shows possible, onstage

Fringe File 2018, #2 – INTERVIEW: Amber Bjork’s Musical Walk through a Bloodbath in Blood Nocturne

Emily Dussault as Báthory Erzsébet (Elizabeth Bathory) in The Winding Sheet Outfit's production of Blood Nocturne. Báthory Erzsébet, or Elizabeth Bathory as she's more commonly known in English, holds an infamous title: history's most prolific murderess. A Hungarian noblewoman, Countess Bathory (1562-1614) was arrested by a royal agent on December 30,