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REVIEW: Dementia’s Taunts in The Father (Gremlin Theatre)

The calm before the storm: Craig Johnson (center), Miriam Schwartz (rear-left), and Peter Christian Hansen (background-right) in Gremlin Theatre's production of The Father. Photo by Alyssa Kristine. The Father, now playing at Gremlin Theatre, is an engrossing play about a man in his sixties suffering from dementia and his daughter's efforts

REVIEW: Uneven Capitol Steps (Ordway)

A promotional photo for The Capitol Steps, a DC-based troupe that performed on June 30, 2018 at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St. Paul, MN. Photo by Violet Crown Photo Works. The Capitol Steps is a unique comic ensemble that performs political satire set to the melodies of pop

REVIEW: Jackson Browne’s Still Got Steam (State Theatre)

A collage of recording artist Jackson Browne's numerous album covers. Jackson Browne’s concert last Tuesday at the State Theatre in Minneapolis demonstrated that he is in fine voice and far away from running on empty. The concert provided fans a golden opportunity to hear the best examples of Browne’s more than

REVIEW: Good News, Bad News, Well… (Guthrie Theater)

JoAnne Akalaitis, the creator of BAD NEWS! i was there. Director JoAnne Akalaitis had a great idea: compile a dozen Ancient Greek dramas focusing on messenger scenes. She euphemistically calls the work, BAD NEWS! i was there... [sic], a humorous understatement since the messengers are inevitably revealing tragic events in the lives of the

REVIEW: Dat Black Mermaid Man/Lady/Show (Pillsbury House + Theatre)

Kenyai O'Neal and PaviElle French in Pillsbury House Theatre's Dat Black Mermaid Man/Lady/Show. Photo by Rich Ryan. I attended the opening performance of Dat Black Mermaid Man/Lady/Show at the Pillsbury House Theatre. Sharon Bridgforth wrote the play in the avant-garde theatre form called theatrical jazz. Under the direction of Ebony Noelle

REVIEW: Orphans and NHCC’s New Blackbox (North Hennepin Community College)

It seems like every other month that another long-time theatre in the Twin Cities announces its closure, caught between rising property values and fundraising woes. Discovering a new performance spaces being created is a welcome counter-current of good news. Last week, I attended an incredible dramatic performance of Lyle Kessler's play Orphans in