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This page lists entities that have received awards from the Twin Cities Arts Reader. These individuals and groups, collectively termed Arts Reader Awardees, have been singled out by the publication as a whole for distinction. They are presented for convenience in alphabetical order.

Updated August 13, 2018

  1. Bollywood Dance Scene
  2. CAAM Chinese Dance Theater
  3. Colleen Somerville Productions
  4. Devious Mechanics
  5. Gabriel Mata/Movements
  6. Ghoulish Delights
  7. Give Us Free Records, LLC
  8. Hit the Lights! Theater Co.
  9. Imagined Theatre
  10. Mainly Me Productions
  11. Pipermonkey
  12. Really Spicy Opera
  13. Rogues Gallery Arts
  14. Shanan Custer & Carolyn Pool
  15. Shrieking Harpies
  16. The Coldharts
  17. The Red Letter Society
  18. The Winding Sheet Outfit
  19. Theatre Corrobora
  20. Willi Carlisle Productions